Melanie Phung

E-commerce marketing, content strategy, photography


I’m just a gal with a camera who enjoys taking pictures. I tend to focus on patterns and contrasts. Below is a collection of photos taken with a Rebel film camera, a Rebel DSLR and more recently a Canon 60D. More photos on my Flickr account.

Refractions 3Black Dot Casting ShadowsVeinedTiny Flat Ironkettle with wood handlePurple Flower OverexposedCinnamon ShakerOutside the Train, InsideCanoes 2Frozen Potomac Facing Kennedy Center

Washington DC

Key BridgeMetro Ceiling at L'Enfant PlazaWatergate #2fireworks_0452C&O Canal in GeorgetownTenuousJefferson Buildingunderneath whitehurst freeway JusticeTunnel to C&O Canal

Costa Rica

Junk Food MonkeyHermit CrabAlert IguanaThe Iguana Who Came to DinnerLa Fortuna AirportBananasFlower in a Wine Glass 2Flower in a Wine GlassIMG_8624Patio Facing Arenal


Floating Coffee BeansCoffee BeansWhite Ball in a Dark RoastVeinedMagical Beans


IMG_30631Ovals Inside Circle Inside Rectangle5 White Eggs in a BowlEgg Carton Minus 6 White EggsIMG_31381

All images are taken and copyright of Melanie Phung. No use without permission.